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About Us

BAYKAN TORNA CİVATA HIRDAVAT MALZEME İNŞAAT TAAHHÜT İTH.İHR.SAN. VE TİC.LTD.ŞTİ. 1978, operating as a turning past, he intended manufacturing special screws since 1990. The reason for the existence of our company and our MISSION defines the value of which is produced for our customers; Customer focused by providing integrated solutions to our customers anytime and anywhere fast, high quality products to offer.

The future that we want to build our company and our VISION expressing the point where our company aims to achieve; Sectors with our customers in the future is to be the correct address. What makes our company unique set of beliefs and representing the cultural characteristics that define the character of our company is our VALUES are as follows;

We are customer focused, trustworthy, innovative, responsible and dedicated. Our strength is our solidarity and team spirit.

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